DATE – Tuesday



Dynamic warm-up

Review barbell bear complex with a dowel and/or empty bar


Mobility: (5min)

Athlete’s choice (squat, shoulders, front rack or thoracic spine should be the focus)


WOD A)  (In 25 min)

After some warm up reps, take 4-5 attempts at establishing a 3 rep max “Bear Complex”.

You must complete 3 unbroken cycles through 1 of each movement:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press


Rest 2-3 min between attempts


**The bar may not be put down at any point during the 3 cycles. The (front squat to push press), and the (back squat to push press) both may be thrusters, or separate push presses, but both must be locked out overhead for the reps to count.



300m warm up row – increase from 70/80/90% effort through each 100m interval

– Rest 4-6 min – full recovery

500m row – max effort test

– Rest 2-3 min

500m run – 85% steady pace


*Record 500m Row time only