Big dynamic joint warm-up + stretch out
Warm-up tech hanging movements (beat swing / ttb / pull-ups / bar muscle-ups).
Review other WOD movements and scaling options.

Complete the 3 x 8 min sets at a sustainable/consistent pace throughout.
Your goal is to complete close to the same number of reps on each set:

A1) 4 rounds of:
30s row (Cals)
30s rest
30s burpee box jump over
30s rest

Rest 3 mins

A2) 4 rounds of:
30s Double unders
30s rest
30s Bar muscle-ups, chest to bar pull-ups, or pull-up variation
30s rest

Rest 3 min

A3) 4 rounds of:
30s Dumbbell Hang power clean to overhead
30s rest
30s Toes to bar, hanging knee raise, v-up or tuck-up
30s rest

No Rx or Scoring on today’s WOD
Work at your own pace with suitable weights and progressions that allow a consistent output.
Partner up and start on opposite movements on each set.

3 rounds at a steady pace:
12-15 dumbbell push-up + renegade row R+L
15-20 GHD Sit-ups
6-8 “ATYT” on light crossover bands
– rest 60-90s between rounds –