Shoulder circles / rotations / overhead stretches
Band warmup drills


Push Press X 3

12 min to build to a heavy 3 or new 3RM.
Complete these as non touch and go, reset for each rep


Push Press X 10

***3 mins after WOD A***
-E2MOM x 3 sets
-10 Touch’nGo Push Press
-Same weight across all 3 sets (Attempt 5-10lbs more that last week if possible)
-Choose a weight that you can cycle T&G, DO NOT go to absolute max here, no reps should cause you to over-extended, or cause the bar to slow down and turn into a grind


Witness Me!!
Complete for time:
500m Row
30 Plate Burpees
500m Row
The plate burpee will be a two foot jump to full extension on a 45lb plate in front of the athlete not beside.
Partner up and count/judge for each other in 2 heats.

WOD D (Optional Accessory)

2-3 rounds NFT:
8/arm x Single arm bent over rows (KB/DB – heavy)
12-15 x Dumbbell bicep curls
10 x Lateral delt flys + 10 x Rear delt flys (use light plates or DB’s)