DATE – Wednesday July 16th


Warm-up: Dynamic shoulder + hip warm-up/prep


Mobility: Roll out: upper back + thoracic openers, lats/triceps, and quads


WOD A) EMOM x 15 (5 sets of each)

B1) Static hand balancing work (30-40s work)

B2) L-sit/tuck hold (Accumulate 20-30s on parallettes or rings in as few sets as possible)

B3) Doubleunders (30-50 or practice as needed)


– Review Clean and Jerk with newer athletes giving experienced ones more time to warm up to a 60-70% starting weight for WOD B.


WOD B) Every 2 min x 8 sets: (16 min)

Halting clean deadlift +Hang clean (knees) + Split Jerk



– Pause for 2s just above the knee on the HCDL before completing the deadlift to full extension. Be sure to have vertical shins, hamstrings engaged and weight on the heels.

– Return to that pause spot just above the knees and perform a hang squat clean.

– Pause in the receiving position of the Jerk for 2-3s before recovering to standing.

– Increase load as needed only if form in not compromised.