DATE – Tuesday July 15th


Warm-up: Scapjacked Activation / alternate with lower body dynamic movements (10 min)


Mobility: Banded shoulder stretch out (pecs, overhead, across the body)


Review WOD movements as needed and give athletes 6-8 min to set up, prep/practice.


WOD A) Complete for time:

Row 700m

50 Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)

40 Push-ups

30 Toes to Bar


Rest 3 min


Row 500m

40 Ball Slams (30/20lb)

30 Pull-ups

20 Box jump overs (24/20”)


Rest 3 min


Row 300m

30 Overhead walking lunge steps (55/35)

20 Kettlebell Clean & Jerk (24/16kg) (break as you like but must be even reps L&R)

10 Ring muscle-ups (sub – 5 rope climbs / 20 ring rows)


Score is total time to complete minus the 6 min rest.