DATE – Monday July 14th


Warm-up: 3-5 min dynamic lengths + hip/shoulder focused

With a light blue band:

10 x (L/R and F/B steps, glute bridge, 10 Squats – all w/ band around knees)

Then 10 x (pull-aparts & presses), 10 Push-ups


Mobility:  3 min of personal squat mobility


WOD A) In 25 min establish a 1 RM Back squat


WOD B) In 15 min establish a 1 RM Strict press


WOD C) In 8 min complete as many rounds as possible:

8 Wallballs (20/14lbs)

8 Burpees


(Some of you may recognize this WOD… lets hope you all do better than on your first day. Enjoy!)