Band Dislocates, Pull-aparts, Presses (2-3 sets of situps/flutter kicks etc. between)

Stretch wrists/forearms with palm against wall 60s each side

Stretch pecs with arm against wall or post 60s each side


WOD A) 10,9,8…1 for time (15 min cap):

Bench Press @ 60-70% of training max – all sets should be unbroken

100’ Farmers Carry – heavy as possible

GHD Situp (Int – half range of motion, Beg – tuck ups)


*Perform 10 bench, 100’ farmers carry, 10 GHDSU, 9 bench, 100’ farmers carry, 9 GHDSU etc.


*Rest 4-5 mins before starting WOD B*


WOD B) 3 min AMRAP: DB Man Makers 45/30’s

*Pushup, Row Left Arm, Pushup, Row Right Arm, Power Clean, Push Press


WOD C) Static Holds 40 on / 20 off x 3 Rounds (6 mins) – accumulate as much time in hold as possible:

FLR or Plank Hold on Parallette’s/feet on 12” box

Supinated Chin Over Bar, Rings, or Top of Ring Row