Jennifer Dober

CrossFit Level 1
N.C.C.P. Level 4 Gymnastics
UBC Kinesiology Instructor
N.C.C.P. Gymnastics Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator
#12 Masters 40-45 – CrossFit Games 2013

I spent a good part of my childhood immersed in the all consuming sport of gymnastics. I started when I was 3 and it kept me busy until I finally retired after 2 years of competing at a University level. I would not trade my years in gym for anything, but in retrospect all that time spent was at the expense of making me more well rounded. I missed out on team sports, music and other activities. Once retired, I explored different activities in a effort to find something to replace gymnastics. I did some running, some triathlons, even a marathon, I got into things like climbing, whitewater kayaking and West Coast Swing dancing, but nothing stuck for more than a few years until CrossFit came along in 2007.

I was introduced to CrossFit after being brought in as a consultant to help CrossFit coaches teach gymnastic movements to their members. I quickly fell in love with the sport and was competing within a few months of starting. I see CrossFit as a version of gym that is sustainable life long and ensures an active, healthy lifestyle. From a coaching perspective, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching the transformation that happens when people adopt the CrossFit lifestyle. I have witnessed amazing changes in self-esteem, health and seen people who hated to exercise, become addicted to coming to the gym on a daily basis to get their fix. The improvement in the quality of life is inspiring and motivates me daily. I love being in the gym surrounded by so many vibrant people with amazing energy.