Warm-up: Dynamic gym lengths + stretches – coaches choice (hip/squat/lunge prep, w/ some pressing/overhead work (down dog/dive bomber pushups etc.))

Mobility: Roll out quads, glutes, lat insertion, and triceps (5-7 min max)

WOD A) 5 working sets of 3 “Curtis P” building up to a heavy load (15 min)

1 “Curtis P” = Hang squat clean, forward lunge R, lunge L, push press. (then control back to the hang and perform 2 more rounds without dropping the bar. Rest 90s-120s between attempts)

WOD B) For time:
15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
– Clean and jerk (155/105) (power cleans permitted)
– Strict weighted ring dips (20/10lb Chain) (Sub static/parallette dips)

(Weight for C+J should be scaled to something manageable for touch and go reps. Ideally no more than 2/3 sets per round.)