DATE – Wednesday Jan 7th



Quick dynamic w/u: (ankle, hip, shoulder circles)

Banded partner chariot sprints x 3 (forward/backwards)

Wall walk to 20-30s handstand hold between sprints (3 times total)

(Adv: inverted scapular pushups + some soft elbow drops and extensions)


Mobility: Ankle/calf stretch on post (Straight leg +bent knee/30s each) + 30s post squat hold prepping pistol position.

Box/Bench shoulder stretch x 60s


WOD A) EMOM x 12: Start on any movement and complete 4 rounds for quality:

A1) Strict Handstand push-up x 5-8 (Sub 3-5 controlled negatives)

A2) Front / Back lever progressions x 3/each (Sub ring inversion and controlled lowers)

A3) Pistols x 8-12 alternating (use banded or box progressions)


WOD B) Complete 5 rounds for max reps:

30s: Sled push (90lb/45lb on sled) – every 10ft is 1 rep (Set cones to 50ft length)

Rest 1 min

30s: Ball slams (40/30lbs)

Rest 1 min


WOD C – Optional: Crossover symmetry “Plyo” Workout