Warm-up: 2 x 300m Row

Alternate with a partner and perform dynamic lower and upper body prep (leg swings + shoulder circles etc.)


Mobility: Posterior chain floss (90s / side)


WOD A) 7 Min to warm up the deadlift then, EMOM x 14 (7 rounds alternating / start on either)

A1) 3 x Dynamic deadlift (55-60% (or less) of 1 RM + green/blue band)

A2) 8-12 Push-ups


We will be testing our 1 RM deadlift again next week. Please refrain from lifting heavier than prescribed. Keep the bar speed up, use a slight pause and reload at the bottom (not touch and go). Work on perfecting your start position and gaining maximal tension before pulling the bar off the floor. Please ask a coach if you should try a band (ie. Your DL technique is dialed). If your form or bar speed deviates from ideal, de-load your bar to 50% (or less).



For time:

1000m Row

50 KB Swings (24/16kg)

30 Burpees