Agility ladder warmup
Band shoulder warmup


(18 mins total)
A1) Alt. EMOM x 8 mins (4 sets each)
1) 1 Legless Rope Climb + 1 w / legs (or 1-2 with legs)
2) 10-15 GHD Situps (scale to abmat situps)
—Rest 2 mins—
A2) Alt. EMOM x 8 mins (4 sets each)
1) 6-10 Handstand Pushups – work on kipping or strict
2) 10 Superman Raises
*Start half the class on A1, half on A2


Power Ranger

12 min AMRAP:
8 Pushups (Guys 2″ deficit – hands and feet on rubber mats, chest to deck)
10 Toes to Rings
12 Jumping Lunges (knee comes just off the floor, don’t slam your knee into the ground)
*Scale reps down to 6-8-10 if needed


Easy 5 min bike or row

2 min couch stretch per leg
2 min pigeon pose per side

Crossover Plyo