DATE – Monday Jan 5th


Warm-up: Dynamic hip and shoulder prep


Mobility: Banded hip opener lunge, banded front rack stretch.


WOD A) Every 2 min x 6 sets: 3 Thrusters


– 16 min: 3-4 min to prep, the 12 min for working sets

– Start at a moderate weight and attempt to add every set building up to a 3RM

– Bar comes from a rack

– Must be a real thruster, full depth front squat, pressed overhead in one continuous motion with no re-bend of the hip or knee after full extension.


WOD B) Partner WOD:

In teams of 2 complete a 24 min AMRAP of:

250m/200m Row

16 “Unbroken” Wallballs (20/14lb)(Rx+ 30/20 slamball)

8 Burpee box jump over (24/20”) (lateral jumps/burpees ok)


– Partners alternate complete rounds.

– Scale the weight first, then the reps to something you can sustain that will still be challenging to hold the set of WB unbroken throughout.

– If you drop the WB half way through the set you must start the 16 over again.

– Partner 2 may start the Row as soon as the last BBJO of partner 1 is complete.

Goal is to hold a sprint pace throughout getting roughly 1:1 work rest. If you struggle with BBJO, then scale to a jump over a parallette. The goal is to work hard and fast, not to be challenged by the movement

– A completed Row counts as 1 rep on last round.


Cool down: Roll quads + spend 90s-2min/side in couch stretch.