Big dynamic hips and hamstrings
Partner barbell front rack stretch – 2 x 30 secs each

Front Squat warmup – keep a full grip on the bar to help mobilize shoulders
5 reps per exercise, rest 10 secs between exercises:
1) 3 secs down, up fast
2) 3 secs down, 3 secs pause, up fast
3) 1 & 1/4 reps

Review a few reps of clean complex


Pause Clean + Pause Hang Clean

One full clean with a 3s pause at the knee, followed directly by one hang clean with a 3s pause at the knee.

  1. A) In 30 mins complete both A1 & A2
    A1) approx. 15-20 mins Build to a max in the complex 1 Pause Clean + 1 Pause Hang Clean (bar cannot be dropped after first clean)

    A2) In remaining time: 3 sets of 2 Pause Cleans + 2 Pause Hang Cleans @ 80-85% of A1 (do both cleans before doing both hang cleans – cleans are not T&G, you must keep hold of the bar after the first rep, lower down, reset and go


Back Squat x 2

In 15-20 mins build to a heavy Back Squat double for the day


3 Sets:
15 Barbell Good Mornings (add weight as needed)
15 Banded Glute bridges
15 Banded Situps – no abmat, anchored, use a heavy band!
*Rest 30-60 secs between exercises


Crossover Iron Scap