DATE – Friday



(60 secs each side) Sub-scap w/lacrosse ball

(2 mins each side) Rear Shoulder w/lacrosse ball


2 Rounds, 8-10 reps per exercise:

Banded shoulder warmup; Trap raises left & right, overhead press from behind neck

Banded pull-throughs

Air Squats


WOD A) (15 mins) 7 min EMOM:

4 Touch’n’go Power Snatches – heavy but smooth, you can progressively get heavier

*Newer lifters work from hang position


WOD B) (15 mins) 10 min Alternating EMOM (5 sets of each):

1) 3-5 Strict HSPU’s – 1 second pause/lockout at the top of each rep

Adv: To deficit or floor

Int: To Abmat or Banded

Beg: Controlled Negative or Pike Pushup

2) 5 Bent Over Rows @ 3111 tempo (Alternate pro/supinated, also play around with wider and narrower grip positions)


WOD C) 100 KB Swings for time 32/24kg (You should be able to do at least 25 unbroken at whatever weight you are using)


WOD D) Cool-down with 2 sets:

Light plates, controlled movement; bent over or led on bench T’s x 7-10 reps, standing WY’s x 7-10 reps