2-3 mins running warmup

2 Rounds, 30 secs stretch per side:
Pec L/R
Posterior shoulder L/R
Lats L/R


Weighted Supinated Chin-Up x 5

Weighted Ring Dip x 5

Alt. E90SECS 4 sets of each (12 mins):
1) 5 Weighted Supinated Chin-ups
2) 5 Weighted Dips
*If you normally do banded pullups & dips, today have a partner or coach spot you through 3-5 reps with at @30X3 tempo instead
*Score “1lb” for BW reps


5 Rounds not for time
10 Bench Press (keep it unbroken – approx. 60%)
10 Supinated bent over rows
10-15 GHD Situps
*Start on any exercise and move in order, resting 15-20 secs between exercises
*You can build in weight on the bench press and rows


3 Rounds:
10-12 DB Tricep roll-back extensions
2-3 Crossover Plyo exercises