Hip and shoulder circles, swings etc.

Banded glute activation

Band pull-aparts and presses


WOD A) Alt. EMOM x 4 sets of each (8 mins):


1) 6 Back squats – start at 65-70% and add if needed

2) 6-8 Strict HSPU – get some volume in at your hardest progression; half ROM, banded or pike


WOD B) 40 secs on / 20 secs off x 3 Rounds for total reps (12 mins):


Power snatch 75/55lb

Double unders (every 3 DU’s or 5 singles = 1 rep)

Thruster 115/75lb

Bar muscle ups (chest to bar pullups or pullups)


WOD C) 5 min AMRAP: burpees + pullup bar touch @ 4-6” (set a goal here… 10, 12, 15…20 per minute! See how consistent you can be after your first minute)