DATE – Thursday



400m Run

2 Rounds:

6-8 Hip Circles each direction/each leg

5-6 Hug knee to chest + Samson Lunge each leg

5-6 Side to side lunges each leg

5-6 Alternating hamstring stretch/toe touches each leg

10-12 Banded overhead press



60 sec Wall Squat

60 secs per arm Front Rack w/PVC while explaining WOD


WOD A) 10 mins to warmup pullups/pushups/ build to a 2-3 rep thruster above WOD weight


WOD B) “Happy New Year”

**All Weights for WOD’s should be manageable enough that they can be moved fast and efficiently today, we don’t want to lose intensity because of long rest periods between picking up the bar. Same goes for Pullups and Pushups; make sure that you are scaling the reps and movements appropriately to get the most from this kind of workout**


1) 4 min Ascending AMRAP Ladder:

Thruster 115/80lb

Chest to Bar Pullup

*Start with 2 reps per exercise, and add 2 reps each round; 2-4-6-8… etc.


-Rest 4 mins-


2) Complete 3 Rounds for time (6 min cap):

10 Front Squats 135/95lb

20/15 Hand Release Pushups (Guys/Girls)


-Rest 4 mins-


3) Complete 3 Rounds for time:

300m Row

20 Wallballs 20/14lb