Thursday, 19 January, 2017


5 mins green band shoulder stretches: pecs, rear delts, lats

2 Rounds:
20-30 Secs Hollow Rock
1-2 Wall Walks
8-10 Ring Rows


Alt. E90SECS x 4 sets of each:
1) 5-10 Strict HSPU
2) 1-3 Rope Climbs – legless or with legs

-Today on your HSPU’s you can make this an endurance or strength exercise, stick with higher reps if you need to work on your endurance, keep the reps lower and potentially add a deficit if you would like to work on your strength
-In busier classes you can partner up and follow behind your partner, you shouldn’t be working for more than 45 secs


EMOM x 8 mins, choose your progression:
1) 2-4 Burpee Muscle Ups (bar or ring)

2) 3-5 Burpee Chest To Bar Pullups

3) 4-6 Burpee Pullups
*If you usually use bands, perform 4-6 Burpees followed by 4-6 Jumping Pullups

-Make sure you are working no more than 40 secs each round


3-4 Sets:
Max UB Strict Dips (if 15+ is easy, add a bit of weight to make 10-12 a challenge)
-Rest 20 secs-
Max Pushups
-Rest 2 mins-


100 Banded Tricep Press-downs in as few sets as possible

Crossover Pylo