Wednesday, 17 January, 2018

Dynamic lower body
Banded dislocates/shoulder warmups

High Hang Snatch drills

High Hang Snatch x 3
Bar should go no lower than pockets and your torso should remain vertical or near enough
E2MOM x 7 sets:
3 High Hang Snatches @ 70-75% across
*You may build in your first 2-3 sets if needed, then pick a weight and stay with it. The goal today is to work on technique; focusing on extending tall, and pulling under the bar fast, don’t try and build to a max here.

2 Pause Back Squats + 2 1&1/4 Back Squats
Pause for 3 secs in the bottom of the first 2 squats
Back Squat x 20
In the remaining time in class:

B1) Build to a heavy 2+2 Back Squat

B2) 1×20 Back Squat @ approx. 60% of 1RM

1) 3 Super Sets:
6-8 per leg Weighted Box Pistols
6-8 per leg Single Leg RDL’s
-Rest 2 mins—

2) Crossover Iron Scap