We need to know what our members are thinking. So, we frequently email our members to ask them how we can do better. This is a response I got from one of our newer members today… So flattered 🙂

Hello 604!

At this point I don’t even have any constructive criticism for you. I can’t give you anything but compliments. You guys have done an exceptional job of creating a brilliant atmosphere/experience in the 604 box. It’s wicked to be a part a place that is filled with passion an such a strong sense of community. The attentiveness of the coaches is always inspiring and it’s great that it’s important to you guys/girls to have everyone introduce themselves to each other. Being a newbie there and at crossfit in general has been a very smooth transition. I work the winter months up north and am finding myself dreading having to go back up in October for no reason other than the fact that I have to leave 604. There’s many great things about living in Van but 604 is the only thing I find myself sad to leave behind. Sorry I don’t have any constructive criticism for ya right now but thanks for giving me nothing but good things to say!