So today I ran my first 21.2k.
That’s a goal that has been on my list since I was a teeneager some 25 years ago. I really believed it was out of reach given my past failed attempts.
The only reason that was possible today was because of the amazing environment you imagined and brought to life at CrossFit 604.  I am incredibly grateful!!!!   My level of physical fitness has increased beyond expectation and opened up a whole new world for me.
I’m now ready to take on the next big dream to complete a half ironman and maybe eventually a full ironman.  I really never thought that would be possible.
Prior to CrossFit I had back problems, knee problems, shoulder, hip, you name it.  For the most part that is all gone now and I’m easily in the best shape of my life.
Of course I still cannot straighten my arms but I guess that leaves something to work on 🙂
HUGE THANKS!  You 2 rock!!!