I want to share another little success story I received from one of our members who was brand new to CrossFit when he started with us. Enjoy 😉
I wanted to share my own little success story . . . I happened to do a bioimpedance body analysis in late February (before I joined 604) as part of a demo in our store.  They did the demo again a few weeks ago, and I did the test again to compare my results.  My total body weight increased by 6 pounds.  My lean body mass increased by 11 pounds and my fat mass decreased by 5 pounds.  That is a 3% increase in lean body mass and 3% decrease in fat mass.  I haven’t changed my diet much, so I have to attribute these changes to crossfit.  To me, this is incredible considering it was achieved over the summer months – a time when I normally struggle to make it into the gym and fall out of shape.  It is the excellent programming, constant change and challenge and support of the community that kept me coming back.

I would like to thank you and all of the coaches for running such a great box.  The team you have assembled is so knowledgeable, dedicated and sincere in their coaching.  I have learned so much since joining 604 and am never afraid to ask for coaching or clarification when needed.  You should be proud of yourself and you should be commended for what you have created.

Thanks again Coach!!