A little love from one of our new members who has discovered what t is that we love about CrossFit… read on


Every time I looked at the WOD I would think to myself ” oh there’s no way in hell THAT’S gonna happen” but and without fail I always got the job done thanks to the encouragement of the coaches. Now I look at the WOD and think to myself “let’s do THIS!” The coaches at 604 are so knowledgeable and want you to succeed to your highest potential in the safest and most efficient way. They are all true coaches in every sense of the word. They encourage, support, allow you to grown in your own time but will open you up new possibilities that you never thought were there. They saw strengths in me that sometimes I could not and shed light on a whole new way of being that will last a lifetime. Happy, healthy, and strong inside and out. I’m so glad I made the choice to be apart of such an amazing group.