DATE – Friday



2 rounds:

10 single leg raise (5 L / 5R)

5 dive bomber pushups (from downward dog to upward facing dog)

10 single leg glute bridge (hold opposite knee tight to the chest)



Lacrosse ball upper back and first rib

Banded overhead extension



Three sets, not for time:

A1) Turkish get-ups x 4 (2R/2L)

A2) Single leg Romanian Deadlift (kb) x 5 reps /leg @ (3,0,1,1)
A3) Double-Under Practice  45 seconds

– Rest 20-30s between movements –



For max reps, complete one round:


2 min – Wallballs (20/14)
Rest 60s

2 min – Ring body rows (rx is body parallel to the ground at the bottom position)

Rest 60 seconds
2 min – Weighted box step ups (alternating legs) (24/20” holding a 24/16kg KB)
Rest 60 seconds

2 min – Handstand push-ups