2 sets NFT:
10 Sampson lunge
10 Glute bridge
10 Single leg lowers (5R/5L) (laying on back, both legs straight up, in control lower one at a time and return)

WOD A: 5 sets:
A1) Barbell Lunge (Bar in BS position) x (4L & 4R),
rest 30s
A2) 20-30 L-Sit hold (ring tuck hold, dip bar tuck hold)
rest 60s
(record lunge load only)

15 Min AMRAP:

1 rope climb
200’ Farmers walk with 2 x (32/24kg) (4 lengths of rack) (score as 4 reps)
15 hollow rocks
7 box jumps (30/24”) (Games standard)