DATE – Friday



3 rounds: 200m Row alternating with a partner – (dynamic & static, shoulder & hip stretches as needed while off the rower)



In 15 minutes build up to a 3 rep max ‘touch and go’ squat clean. (All reps, including the last, must be controlled to the ground)


WOD B) For time:

Power clean + (1-5) front squat ladder (155/105lb) (PC + 1 FS / PC + 2 FS / … PC + 5 FS)

(Rest 2 min)

Muscle up (sub 3 strict pull-ups) + (1-5) ring dip ladder (MU + 1 RD / MU + 2RD / …  MU + 5 RD)

(Rest 2 min)

Power clean + (1-5) push jerk ladder (135/85lb) (PC + 1 PJ / PC + 2 PJ / … PC + 5 PJ)



(You will complete the whole PC/FS ladder, then the MU/RD ladder and end with the PC/PJ ladder. The bar must be controlled to the ground on every rep. If you can not complete the required ring dips at the top of your muscle up, you may finish them on lower rings but it is intended (rx’ed) for these to be linked together throughout the WOD, rest as needed to make sure you can get the required extra work in. The ring dip coming out of the muscle up does not count as one ring dip. Subtract the 4 min rest from total working time)