2 mins skipping drills
Shoulder circles/warmup, 10 scorpion stretches
2 mins skipping drills
Dynamic hip openers

OHS Warmup
Pause Snatch drills


Pause Snatch + Pause Hang Snatch

One full snatch with a 3s pause at the knee, followed directly by one hang snatch with a 3s pause at or above the knee

  1. A) In 30 mins complete both A1 & A2
    A1) approx. 15-20 mins Build to a max in the complex 1 Pause Snatch + 1 Pause Hang Snatch (bar cannot be dropped after first snatch)

    A2) In remaining time: 3 sets of 2 Pause Snatches + 2 Pause Hang Snatches @ 80-85% of A1 (do both snatches before doing both hang snatches)


Alt. E2MOM x 8 sets (4 of each)
1) 6 BTN Snatch Grip Push Press (hold lockout for 1-2 secs each rep) moderate-heavy, no grinding reps
2) 3 Snatch Pulls @ 100%+ of A – these should be heavy!


3 Rounds:
100′ OH KB Carry L
100′ OH KB Carry R
15-20 Weighted Hip Extensions
20-30 Russian Twists