DATE – Wednesday


Warm-up: 5 min Dynamic lengths


Mobility: Banded shoulder mobility (overhead and extension / bully)


WOD A) 3 rounds for quality: (15 min)

2-3 Rope Climbs / 1-2 Legless

8-12 Handstand push-ups (Pike off bench or box, or 5 x 3-4s negatives)

20-30s Parallette L-Sit hold (Tuck hold)

– Rest as needed between movements –



WOD B) (18 mins)

B1) Alternating Tabata (Complete 8 rounds of):

20s – Ring Dips (sub bar dips, or parallette dips)

10s Rest

20s – Box Jumps (30/24”) (Games standard)

10s Rest


– Rest 2 min –


B2) Alternating Tabata (Complete 8 rounds of):

20s – Toes to Bar

10s Rest

20s – Ball slams (30/20lb)

10s Rest



Big classes partner up and start on either movement – score is combined lowest set of each movement. Aim for consistent output each round.