8-10 mins dynamic warmup: running, hip openers, inch worms w / pushup

Clean warmup:
Front rack mobility with barbell
Front Squat & Clean drills
Hang Clean + Clean + Front Squat
Second Clean doesn’t have to be T&G but must be completed within 5 secs of Hang Clean
A) (25 mins total)
A1) 15 mins to build to a max in the complex
—3 mins transition to A2—
A2) EMOM x 5 sets:
Hang Clean + Clean + Front Squat @ 80-85% of A
10 x 10 Walball EMOM
EMOM x 10 sets:
10 Unbroken Wallballs (10′ is Rx)
*Same weight must be used across all sets
*Record weight used
Easy 5 min Bike or Row
Crossover Iron Scap
Couch & Pigeon stretch x 2 min per side