Tuesday, 20 February, 2018

Big dynamic joint warm-up
Red band shoulder activation + calf/quad stretch

1 round:
8-10 beat swings
5-7 box step ups / leg
5-7 strict pull-ups or 8-10 ring rows
5-7 Rear foot elevated split squats /leg
6-8 Kipping pull-ups
5-7 Pistols or pistol progressions /leg

Every 2mins x 4 sets
6-10 x C2B pull-ups, pull-ups, or jumping C2B / regular pull-ups.
8-14 x Pistols

-Complete both movements in 2 mins
-Pull-ups: ideally UB but 2 quick sets is ok
– Scale pistols as needed to stay smooth and consistent throughout.

EMOM x 16 (4 sets of each movement)
1) 100ft sled push
2) 8-12 Toes to bar
3) 10-15 Wallballs
4) 6-8 x Dumbbell Push-up + Renegade row L + Row R

Start on any movement and rotate in order (group in 3-4’s to share equipment)
Each movement should be completed in 35-45s giving you a little rest and time to rotate to the next station.
No Rx weights or volume on this piece. Choose your own weight and rep scheme to maintain a good steady work pace and consistent movement

4-5 min cool down row
2 min couch stretch/side
Crossover symmetry “Plyo”or “Iron Scap”