DATE – Thursday



Dynamic lengths

Banded side steps

Glute clamshells + single leg bridges

Plank hold w/ thoracic rotations (straight arm)


Mobility: Pre-Squat hip opener with foot on bench or box


WOD A) Squat Cycle – Week 4 / Day 2: (25 min)

4 x 4/8 @ 90-95% of Monday’s weight

(4 sets of 4 front squats, followed immediately by 8 back squats. Use 90-95% of the load used on Monday, or use 80% of 1RM FS if Monday was missed)

(Rest 4-5 min between sets)


WOD B) 3 rounds – NFT: (Remaining class time)

100’ Sandbag Walking lunge (front rack)

15-20/side x Barbell side bends (Slow and controlled)

45-60s FLR (Front lean on rings)


(Rest 45-60s between movements)