DATE – Tuesday



Ankle circles / leg swings / shoulder rotations (quick), then:

Alternating tabata: 20s Work / 10s Rest x 8 (4 rounds each)

Tuck jumps & Static handstand hold



First rib w/Barbell mob

Roll triceps on barbell


WOD A) In 15 min to establish a 3 RM Push Press


WOD B) 15 min AMRAP:

10 Shoulder to overhead (@ 60-65% of “A” – no racks / no dropping)

10 Box jumps (24/20” w/ Step down)

10 Toes to bar


(For those athletes with nagging shoulder injuries, substitute V-ups for the TTB. Box jumps should be a 2 foot jump (no step ups), games standard control at the top, then step down only today. Record rounds plus reps, and weight used)