Warmup) 2 Rounds:

6-8 ATYT’s (two light plates)

6-8 W’s (two light plates)

6 Windmills each side (one light plate or KB)

8-10 Ring Rows

10-15 Pushups or Ring Pushups

*Keep all movements slow and controlled


Mobility) Banded Shoulder stretches: Anterior, Posterior, Lats x 40-50 secs each

WOD A) Alt. EMOM x 10 mins – 5 sets each (6-7 mins set-up):

1) 5-6 Seated Double KB Press (heavy as possible for all sets)

2) 3-4 Weighted Pullups (pronated) (heavy as possible for all sets)

*Record weights for each exercise asA) 48kg/BW


WOD B) 3 Rounds:

10-12 reps Close Grip Bench Press (Heavy, approx. 60-70%)

-Rest 45-60 secs-

10-12 Bent over Rows, pronated (Heavy)

-Rest 45-60 secs-

60 secs Pinch Grip Plate Hold (max weight)

*Record weights for each exercise as: B) 100/100/100


WOD C) (Optional) 2 Rounds NFT:

1 KB Arm Bar each arm with 30 second hold – moderate weight

8-10 AY’s

12-15 Bent Over Fly’s with light plates

20-25 Banded Tricep pull-downs