Family Day – Hero Day

We hear the words ”Hero” at the gym from time to time, usually before we do a really hard workout… but it is important that we all understand something. These hero workouts are named after people. Young people who died giving their lives for our freedom. We would like to honor a particular hero, LT. J Wesley Van Dorn, on Family Day to show our support for a local CrossFitter and his family who knows first hand what the cost of being a hero is.

“I’m writing this in hopes that you will adopt a workout for your Family Day WOD (Feb 10) that honors my brother-in-law who recently died unexpectedly on Jan 8th during a training mission in Virigina. Wes was a US Navy helicopter pilot, an avid crossfitter, and Feb 10 would have been his 30th birthday.” – Dan Fontaine

In support of Wesley Van Dorn and his family and friends, Feb 10th the CrossFit 604 Brigade will be doing “WES”. Come out and honor our hero.


800 m run (30/20#) buy-in

14 rounds (for his Squadron HM-14 and 543 was his helicopter the day he went down)

5 pullups

4 burpee box jumps (24″)

3 cleans (185/135#)

800 m run (30/20#) cash-out