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Drop In Fees

Drop In fees: $30 plus GST

Class Details

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  • You must have 3 months CrossFit experience to drop in.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on drop ins.
  • If you purchase a drop in and are not qualified, you will not be permitted to enter the class and NO refund will be given.
  • If you are not sure if you are qualified, please don’t hesitate to speak to us first.
  • You can book your spot 46 hours before class time by clicking on the class you wish to attend.
  • A waiver MUST be signed before attending a class.
  • Classes will be booked on a first come first serve basis.
  • Reservations are REQUIRED
  • There is an 2 hour minimum cancellation required for classes.
  • Failure to cancel within 2 hours of the class start time will result in a forfeit of Drop In Fee.
  • Cancelling a session in time does not give you a refund, only a credit for future use.
  • Not all classes accept drop ins. Check the schedule!
  • Class sizes will be strictly enforced!
  • Be sure to review our Covid-19 protocols before arrival

CROSSFIT 604 COVID-19 PROCEDURES *** Sept 12 2021

Please ensure that you read this document in its entirety and by entering our facility you are agreeing to abide by and uphold all of the protocols (and any new evolving protocols as they become available).

**As you are reading these rules, please understand that we are doing everything we can to ensure CrossFit 604 stays COVID free and if everyone can do their part to help us with that.

  • Please ensure that you do a COVID-19 self-assessment and are not coming to the gym if you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms. Some possible symptoms are fever, sore throat, loss of appetite, chills, loss of sense of smell or taste, nausea and vomiting, cough or exacerbation of chronic cough, headache, muscle aches, shortness of breath, fatigue, runny nose or diarrhea. If you are feeling any of these stay at home and call 811 for more information.
  • Additionally, if you have travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days or are in close contact with someone who has had a positive COVID test you must adhere to the updated government rules.
  • The coaches have full discretion to ask you to go home if you are displaying any symptoms of cold / flu while in the gym.
  • You must pre-reserve your spot in class, you will be turned away if you show up without a reservation.
  • Upon entering you must immediately sanitize your hands with one of the multiple sanitizing stations at the front reception.
  • There are designated training cubes. You will be able to select your 5 minutes before class starts.
  • Throughout the hour you may need to leave your cube, when you do this please ensure you are traveling via the walking paths designated, never walk through someone else’s cube and maintain social distancing at all times.
  • At the end of your workout please ensure you sanitize / wipe down the equipment you touched during your class.
  • On your way out the door please either wash your hands with soap in the bathroom and / or hand sanitize
  • Please ensure that even outside of the gym you are maintaining proper distance.
  • The coaches will be maintaining safe distancing while coaching and rely on verbal cues / coaching.
  • The floors & high touch surfaces will be cleaned daily to ensure the highest level of cleanliness & sanitization.
  • Unless there are extreme temperatures the front and back doors will remain open and 2 large industrial fans will be exchanging fresh air constantly. In addition to this we have 2 x 5 tonne HVAC units that will also run continuously to always ensure fresh air is being exchanged.
  • We will not be able to provide communal chalk buckets but do understand that chalk is extremely important for people while training so we will be selling chalk blocks in a Ziplock bag that you are welcome to purchase and then bring with you to train.
  • Masks are mandatory indoors except in your training cube. This means that you are no longer required to wear a mask while training. CrossFit 604 will remain a judgement free zone ALWAYS. Some people may want to continue to wear masks, and some people may not. We support everyone’s choice. And we ask that you continue to be aware of the people around you and gauge whether they are on the same page as you with space and mask use.
  • Showers are open
  • You may enter the gym up to 15min before the start of your class time (as that is the end of the class time before you). Be aware that if you arrive 15min early you may not have a cube available to you until 5 min before your class start time.
  • 1st class of the day the gym is guaranteed to be open 10min before. (ie. 4:50am for 5am class)
  • You will be allowed to stay in your cube until 10min after your class time ends, to do accessory or stretch (no barbell usage after class). Please ensure you leave the cube at that point to allow for the next class to find their cube and get ready to train.
  • You are welcome to use the change rooms / shower after class is over, this can extend into the next class time.
  • You will need to leave the training floor completely by the start of the next class. (this includes anyone wanting to do extra work in the corner). At this time this is not permitted.
  • Last class before a closed block or end of the day will have 10min after the end of the class to depart. (10am class / 12:30pm class / 6:45pm class on weekdays)
  • Bags must be left in the back cubby shelving. Please keep the training floor clear
  • We are still respecting our individual training cubes, so please don’t wander into someone else's cube without permission.

Please remember that all of these steps are being made to keep COVID-19 out of our gym, and keep everyone training consistently to stay healthy, happy & maintain a balance in our lives.


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Ready To Go?





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