DATE – Monday



2 rounds:

50’ High knees / 50’ but kickers

10 Single leg glute bridge w/ 2s hold (5/side, hold opposite knee into chest)

12-15 Banded good mornings

10 Bird dogs (5/side, touch knee to elbow then extend opposite arm/leg)


Mobility: 90s wall splits (adductor/hamstring stretch)


WOD A) Box squat (sumo stance / dynamic effort day)

5-7 min to warm-up / set up, then:

2 reps, EMOM x 10


(Keep weight at 60-70% of 1 RM, focus on bar speed over max load, experienced lifters may add 10-20% in chains as needed.)


WOD B) (20 mins)

4 rounds for max reps Doubleunders:

In 2:30 complete:

6 Burpees (6-8” jump + 2 hand touch on pull-up bar at the top)

12 Kettlebell swings (32/24kg)

18 Wallballs (20/14lb)

then, AMRAP Doubleunders in remaining time (Score single skips 3/1)

– Rest 2:30 between sets –