DATE – Wednesday Strict press / Accessory Upper body press / scap-jack



Band Pull-aparts/presses

Banded shoulder stretch on pullup bar: front, back, overhead x 30 secs each


WOD A) Shoulder Press: 5×3 @ 75%+ @ 31X2 tempo


WOD B) 4 Rounds:


150m sandbag carry – front rack 70/45lb (150m = up Cambie street, to alley & back)

Close Grip Bench Press (elbows brush your sides) x 6-8 reps – heavy as possible (approx. 65-70% 1RM)

Ring Row x 4-5 reps @ 5155 tempo (Elevate feet if possible, high as possible)

-Rest 60 secs-

*Record bench press weight


WOD C) 2 sets:

KB Arm bar x 4-5 reps each arm with 3-5 second hold – heavy

ATYT with light plate or bands x 8-10 reps