Monday WOD


Warmup) 2 Rounds:

With light plates (2 sec hold at end range); bent over T’s x 7-10 reps, WY’s x 7-10 reps

High knee sprint on the spot x 30 reps

Forward lunge + overhead press from the bottom w/PVC pipe x 5 each side

Ball slam x 10-12 reps



PVC pipe overhead stretch w/partner x 60 secs

Hip extension lunge onto bench or box x 30-40 secs each leg



(18 mins) 3 push press + 1 split jerk: 6-7 sets, progressively adding weight – heavy but no fails approx. 75-80% of 1RM push press



alt. with a partner for time:

10 x 15-20 calorie row (5 sets each)

*row 15 calories if you aren’t strong at rowing to keep intensity high



(optional extra work) 2-3 rounds:

Seated KB press x 6-8 reps – heavy as possible

-rest 30 seconds-

Strict ring or bar dip x 8-10 reps – weighted if possible

-rest 30 secs-

Double under x 60 secs max effort

-rest 30 secs-