DATE – Sunday


Warm-up: Dynamic warm-up + pre snatch hip prep

Mobility: Partner gas pedal mob (internal rotation)

WOD A) 10-12 min – 3-4 sets of 3 position snatch
(High hang, above the knee, floor)

WOD B) 10-12 min – Work up to a heavy single Snatch

WOD C) 3 x 12-15 weighted hip extensions or heavy banded good mornings


DATE – Sunday – WODWarm-up: 5-700m Row + dynamic stretches

Mobility: Banded shoulder + Hip mobility

WOD A)  (30 min)
10 rounds for max reps:

30s – Wallballs
30s – Rest
30s – Burpees
30s – Rest
30s – Pull-ups
30s – Rest

Score is total completed reps, but aim to maintain a consistent pace throughout the WOD.