Dynamic lower body
Banded shoulder warmup

Power Snatch warmup


Power Snatch x 3

Power Snatch x 2

Power Snatch

In 30 mins:
1) Build to a max Power Snatch triple
2) Build to a max Power Snatch double
3) Build to a max Power Snatch
Once you have maxed out your triple, strip down to 70-80% and build back up until you max your double, then repeat for a single
Rules: bar cannot be dropped but there must be a reset between each rep, not t&g. Straps are allowed


Pause Front Squat x 1

3 second pause in the bottom position

E90SECS x 7 sets (10.5 mins):
1 rep @ 80-90% of 1RM Front Squat


3 rounds, rest as needed:
8-10 Good Mornings @ 41X1 tempo
2-3 Iron Scap exercises per round

Bonus Midline

3 rounds rest as needed:
20-30 Barbell side bends per side
40-60 secs banded plank – on hands