Sunday Oly/Strength




Dynamic lengths, hip openers

Band pull-aparts, rotator cuffs, raises


Tech A1 – experienced lifters use empty barbell as warmup drill


WOD A1) (30-35 mins with A2) E2MOM: Snatch high-pull with slow 1st pull + hang snatch with 2 sec pause above knee + full snatch (drop and reset after hang snatch)


6 sets, 2 at each weight: 60/65/70% – stick to these percentages! This is a technique drill to work on pulling mechanics so focus on what you are learning vs. worrying about the weight you are using. Work on keeping your shoulders over the bar and sweeping the bar back hard with your lats, be patient and feel the bar in your hips before you think about finishing the lift


Just like this –  Ilya Ilyin 183/190kg Snatches


WOD A2) 15 mins to continue snatching to heaviest single for the day, rest as needed between sets


WOD B) E2MOM x 6 sets: Hang clean + front squat + jerk with 2 secs in landing position – heavy as possible but no misses, get 6 good sets in!


WOD C) 4 sets alt. e90secs


1) 3 clean-pulls – heavy as possible, 100%+

2) 5 Push press – heavy as possible, no misses


Optional accessory) 3 rounds NFT:


6-8 GH Raises

8 Seated DB presses @ 31X1 tempo

30 secs weighted plank