5 min dynamic hamstrings / low back: toe touches, SLRDL’s, iron cross stretch, scorpions


2 Rounds:


10 GHD hip extensions

5 x 5 secs glute bridge

10 Ring rows

15 secs hollow body hold


WOD A) 22 mins to establish a 1RM Deadlift


WOD B) 3 rounds (10.5 mins or 12 mins in 14+ class):


B1) 2 Rounds for total reps:


90 secs AMRAP: clean & jerks (Comp: 185/125lb, Rx: 155/105lb Int: 115/75lb Beg: 95/65lb or less – you should be aiming for at least 10-15 reps in the first round)

-90 secs rest-


B2) Then, 2 Rounds for total calories:


90 secs AMRAP: Row for calories

-90 secs rest-