DATE – Tuesday



Alternating with a partner, 2 x 90 secs Row (each). Work on dynamic lower and upper body mobility while you wait

Lower: hip circles, samson lunges, leg swings etc.

Upper: shoulder circles, band pull-aparts etc.


Mobility) Hip int/ext. rotation against wall x 60 secs each position


WOD A) 10 mins to complete 3 Rounds:


1-2 Legless Rope Climb – start seated if you are strong enough (2-3 Regular rope climbs, or 5 Ring Rows at 3133 tempo as mod))

50’ Double KB Front Rack Lunges + 300’ Farmers Carry – heavy but unbroken

*No scoring on board for WOD A


WOD B) 3 Rounds for reps – score each exercise individually (15-18 mins:


1) 60 secs Double Unders

2) 60 secs Front Squat 115/75lb

3) 60 secs Muscle Up/Chest to Bar Pullup/Pullup (Adv/Int/Beg)

-Rest 3 mins-

*Busy classes partner up and stagger 3 mins, partners can assist in counting reps/scoring for 1 & 2


WOD C) 2-3 sets:

8-10 x ATYT cycles with light plates or bands, bent at the hip – 3-4 second negatives

10-15 W’s 3-4 second negatives

*Rest as needed throughout; just get the reps in