Warm-up: Junkyard dog + Burgener warm-up


Mobility: Banded overhead + hip mobility


WOD A) Build to a 1 RM Snatch Balance (15 min)


Optional: If you have issues with the mobility / stability / balance needed to perform the SB effectively, then spend the time working up to a 1RM overhead squat.


WOD B) 5 x 3 High hang Snatch (12 min)



C1) 3 x 8-10 GH Raises

C2) 3 x 60s Weighted plank

– Rest as needed –





Sunday – WOD


Warm-up: Dynamic shoulder / core


Mobility: Banded shoulder stretches



EMOM x 8

8 x Toes to bar + 4 x Handstand push-ups

Rest 2 min

EMOM x 8

4/2 x Muscle ups + 15 x Squats


(Scale muscle up to 8 pull-ups)


WOD B) Death by Kettlebell Swing (24/16kg) + Push-ups

On the first min, (1 KB Swing + 1 push up), then on the second min 2+2… continued as far as you can.