DATE – Friday


Warm-up: (4 min)

Tabata intervals: 20s/10s x 8 (4 rounds of each movement)

Alternating: Hollow rocks / jumping lunge


Mobility: Posterior chain floss + Thoracic openers


WOD A) (15-17 min)

A1) 5 x (1.1.1) Halting snatch pulls

Rest 30s

A2) 5 x (1.1.1) Tall box jumps

Rest 1 min


(2-3s pause just above the knee, then finish into high pull. Work up to, and above max Snatch. Re-set between 3 singles each set, ie, not touch and go. Do not “max out” on the box jumps, just a good training height. Work on explosively opening the hips. 3-5s rest between box jumps singles)



WOD B) CrossFit Open WOD 11.1 (where it all began!)

10 min AMRAP:

30 Doubleunders
15 Power Snatch (75/55 lbs)


Scale to a weight that you can get the first round unbroken, should be a weight you can move quickly and efficiently throughout.