DATE – Thursday



Quick dynamic shoulder warm-up, then:

2 rounds of:

10 x “ATYT” cycles (Using light plates  (2.5-10lb) w/ torso bent over, flat back)

8-10 x Hand release push-ups


Mobility: Pec stretch on post (bent arm)

Partner shoulder extension stretch with dowel


WOD A) In 15 min, build to a 3 RM Bench press


WOD B) 4 sets: (16 mins)

B1) 1 min – Max effort set strict press (@75% of 1 RM press), followed by AMRAP push press in remaining time. (Bar comes from the ground, no racks, no dropping)

1 min Rest

B2) 1 min – Max effort set of strict pull-ups (Pronated grip), followed by AMRAP kipping pull-ups as possible in the remaining time.

1 min Rest


Record total reps for B1/B2


WOD C) 3 rounds NFT:

25 Band pull aparts

25 Band triceps press down