DATE – Wednesday


Warm-up: Dynamic gym lengths


Mobility: Pre-squat hip opener + front rack stretch w/ dowel


WOD A) (15 mins)

Build to a heavy 3 position clean (High hang / just above knees / floor)

(Aim for 5-6 working sets, rest 60-90s) (15 min)


WOD B)  (10 min)

2 attempts at a 20 rep max – hang power clean.


WOD C) Partner WOD / for time:

In teams of two alternate complete rounds of:

10 to 1 : Sandbag back squat (Heavy / Light) (or use slam ball as needed)

1 to 10 : Partner facing burpees


PFB = partner not doing a burpee is holding a front plank from elbows. Perform burpees perpendicular to your partner and jump over them between reps.


Flow: Partner A does 10 squats then 1 Burpee w/ jump over partner, partner B does 10 squats then 1 burpee w/ jump. Partner A does 9 Squats + 2 burpees, cont…