DATE – Tuesday


Warm-up: 5-7 min of Turkish get-ups practice (alternate L/R, 15-20 reps) (quality > volume/load)


Mobility: Banded shoulder stretches



A) 10 min Gymnastics skill time:

Alternate between hanging ring/bar work and handstand hold work.

– Ring inversions / levers (progressions) / ice-cream makers / skin the cats

– Wall walks, HS holds, free floor static HS holds, parallette HS (use spotters or wall), single arm HS, work on the static holds not walking today.


B) EMOM x 16 (8 alternating sets)

6-8 x Handstand push-ups

5-7 x (1 Pull-up + 1 Toes to bar)


(Make HSPU as challenging as need be with deficit or strict (or both), try banded HSPU setup, or pike inversions for progressions. For those using a band on pull-ups, complete all pull-ups (strict) first, then TTB or progression as needed.)


C) For time:

500m Row

30 Ball slams (30/20lb)

500m Row


(Get after it… max effort!)