DATE – Wednesday December 10th


Warm-up: Dynamic length relay w/ quadruped + body weight movements


Tech: Beat swings, handstands, rope climbs


WOD A) EMOM x 12 (4 rounds each)

A1) Rope climb: 1-2 L-sit, legless, using legs

A2) Handstand skills practice 30-45s: nose to wall holds, freestanding, or walking

A3) 10-15 Toes to bar / knees to elbows/ beat swing knee raise


WOD B) In teams of 3, Row for max distance in 20 min:

Rotate stations in order every time the station #2 round is completed.


Station 1: Row for max meters

Station 2: Complete 1 round of:

10 reverse lunge w/ sandbag in the front rack (heavy/light -5/side alternating)

8 Sandbag facing burpees (must be 2 foot jump and land)

Partner 3: Rest